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Seedrs Basics: What you need to know

Welcome to Seedrs! Below you will find a collection of introductory articles and guides to help you learn how Seedrs works and why

General FAQs
1. Welcome to Seedrs: How to create your account and become ready to invest

Learn how to start your Seedrs journey with a collection of guides tailored for new investors

2. Your Seedrs Profile

Learn how to navigate your basic profile settings such as resetting your password, setting up your Two-Factor Authentication and more

3. Exploring investment opportunities

You're all set! Learn more about all the available opportunities for you here

4. Campaign pages and making an investment

Looking to make an investment? Learn how to navigate through our platform here

5. Your Investment Account

Just made an investment? This is where you can find it now! Learn all about the Investment Account here

6. Your Portfolio

Learn the ins and outs of your Portfolio page, including access to your share certificates, tax documents and more

7. Managing your investments

Keeping up with your investments - staying updates, claiming tax relief and more

8. The Secondary Market

FAQs and guides as to how the market operates and reasons for doing so

9. Seedrs Secondaries

In depth FAQ guide to Seedrs Secondaries for investors, sellers and share issuers.

10. Seedrs Mobile App

Your quick start guide to the Seedrs Mobile app, available on the Apple and Google Play stores.