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What fees does Seedrs charge Investors?
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2.5% when you initially invest* (min.£/€5.00 and max.£/€ 250) into a primary or a secondary campaign through the Seedrs Nominee. On a primary campaign, the business is running an investment opportunity to raise capital as part of a funding round. A secondary campaign offers equity from existing shareholder(s) (sellers), differing from a primary where equity is issued by the business by issuing new shares.

It is also possible to invest into a business by buying the shares from an existing investor (also called a 'secondary sale') through the Seedrs Secondary Market., From the 23rd March 2023, the transaction fee for Buyers and Sellers using the Seedrs Secondary Market will change to a 2%** transaction fee - more information about this can be found below.

*From the 26th March 2024. Before and on the 25th of March 2024, the fee to make an Investment will remain 2% of the amount invested

** Before and on the 23rd of March 2023, the fee to buy/sell shares on the Secondary Market will remain at 1.5% of the total share purchase price

0% periodic holding fees (no annual fees). We will not charge you fees simply for holding your investment.

Fees charged on exit. We align our success with your own, and only charge for providing nominee services if you have made a profit when you exit. This is sometimes called a 'carry' fee or a 'success' fee. The fees charged will depend on which type of exit is available to you (note an exit is not guaranteed):

  1. Sell via a 'company exit': If a company provides an exit event, you will be charged a 5% carry fee on any profit you make per investment made, subject to limited exceptions in which we pass on administration fees incurred when arranging the sale, for example for listed shares on a public exchange (more information on broker fees is below).

  2. Sell via the Secondary Market: see the ‘Seedrs Secondary Market’ section below

Exit event

Investing in early stage businesses has traditionally been an illiquid asset class, meaning opportunities to sell are generally few and far between. An opportunity to sell is called an exit event and is so called because it provides investors and/or Founders an opportunity to 'exit' their investment. These can come in the form of an IPO (moving shares from a private holding to a public market), a buyout/takeover/sale (an offer is made to buy a large number of shares thereby taking control of the company) - or when any other transaction is contemplated that would enable you to sell your shares.

In the case of a company exit, it is possible that there may be administration fees incurred as part of the exit. Of the six company exits (not via the Secondary Market) we have completed (as of August '19 and dating back to 2012), we have had one where investors were given the option to transfer their shares into a public market (an IPO). In this case investors were responsible for paying fees to third party brokers (which we facilitated) to enable them to be traded in that marketplace.

Our current broker fees are set out below:

Augmentum Fintech, Chapel Down & Coinsilium – held through Canaccord Genuity Wealth Limited: £30 administration charge plus commission of 0.75% on consideration. For sales of consideration over £10,000, there is a £1 Panel of Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) levy fee.

Seedrs Secondary Market

With the introduction of the Seedrs Secondary Market (a marketplace where you can sell your share holdings to other investors), we now provide investors an opportunity to sell early and not have to wait for an exit event. The vast majority of investor exits occur through this method today (>99%); the Seedrs Secondary Market has been hugely successful and is a revolution in the industry. You can find out more about this market in the link above.

To use the Seedrs Secondary Market:

  • As a Buyer you will be charged a 2% transaction fee* (min.£/€0.50) on the total share purchase price.

  • As a Seller you will be charged a 2% transaction fee* (min.€/£0.50) on your total share sale price. If you have made a profit on your investment, as explained above you will also be charged a carry fee** on your net profit (after the transaction fee has been removed).

*Before and on the 23rd of March 2023, the fee to buy/sell shares on the Secondary Market will remain at 1.5% of the total share purchase price.

**Please find a full breakdown of the carry fees at Secondary​ Market fees.

Note that not all shares will be eligible for the Secondary Market and, even if they are, the ability to buy and sell shares will depend on demand. It can be difficult to find a buyer or seller, and investors should not assume that an early exit will be available just because a secondary market exists.

EIS100 Fund

The EIS100 Fund product charges a 2% portfolio fee and that fee is taken from the capital invested at the time of investment.

Direct Investment

If you choose to invest directly in a business rather than through the Seedrs Nominee, you will pay a one-time investment fee of 2% of the amount invested*, (max. £/€250) fee per investment. You will not pay any ongoing fees or carry fee to Seedrs.

*Before and on the 23rd of March 2023, the fee to make a Direct Investment will remain at 1% of the amount invested, the same as investing through the Seedrs Nominee.

Other platform fees and charges

We do not charge investors any fees for currency conversion, canceling an investment, withdrawing funds, or depositing funds.

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