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Why are businesses / share lots ineligible?
Why are businesses / share lots ineligible?
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Seedrs-funded business will not be eligible to be listed on the Seedrs Secondary Market if:

  • Seedrs is aware of any event that may result in a potential change in the valuation of the business in accordance with our Portfolio Update methodology before or after the next trading cycle. This may be an increase or a decrease in valuation;

  • Where the business has requested that its shares are not listed in the next trading cycle; or

  • Where Seedrs believes it would be detrimental to the buyer, the seller or the company for shares to be available. 

In most cases, ineligibility is likely because we have become aware of a new funding round and (hopefully) that is with us. However, there are a number of other scenarios and in our role as Nominee and with the rights we hold and manage on investors' behalf, we may have become aware of an imminent price change. Quite often in these latter scenarios negotiations are confidential and we are bound to respect them or risk upsetting the success of them. 

Either Seedrs or the funded business will always share the reason for in/eligibility via email to existing investors or a post on the post-investment forum, if we can. If you haven't heard from us or the business it's likely the reason is confidential and we would encourage monitoring the post-investment forums for changes and updates.

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